Focusing on arts and science exploration, our curriculum and enrichment offerings are infused with STEAM: Science; Technology; Engineering; Arts and Math. Here are just some examples of exciting STEAM happenings as told by members of our Student Leadership Team—


 Two students in science class examining an object with tweezers 

“One activity/experiment was testing which ramp was faster with a toy car. Another activity I experienced was lighting a light bulb with batteries and wires.”

“In science class, I get to do experiments and explore the world around me.”


 Two girls working together on a laptop 

“One opportunity I experienced was making a slide show of my favorite animal using pictures, transitions, designs, animations, and information from Google.”

“In the lower grades, the STEM teacher is using Minecraft to teach the students about how Minecraft is technology.”


 Students building a structure out of paper 

“What we do in engineering is we work together and be creative and build stuff to help our community.”

“One activity me and my classmates did was making robots with cardboard, objects from school, and crayons.”


 A girl painting on a canvas board 

“In art I’m learning about Native Americans. We are making things that they used everyday. I am making a longhouse. It helps me because if someone doesn’t know about them, I can tell them how it’s made.”

“In art, we learn about famous artists and what they did to become famous. For example, Frida Kahlo; we learned about her, wrote about her, and then painted like she did.”


 Students rearranging shapes on the board with their teacher 

“In math, I learn how to subtract. This helps me because when I go to the store, I know how much change I should get back.”

“We work with partners to solve problems. We share our work with our partner and talk about the problem.”

Math: Student Share

“This year in physical education, we are skip counting by any number. We are skip counting by 3’s. We don’t only do exercises, we also play games. What I like about physical education is that we play different sports and games. Physical education is important because it's a time to have fun. Also it’s to learn new things. This shows PS 115 is a great school because it has activities.”

Written by Sheyla, P.S. 115 student