The Green Team

 Students in The Green Team posing with their recycling bins  

The Green Team is made up of second and third grade students who are interested in creating projects around environmental issues.

Student Share

“In the Green Team, we go to trips to research and we collect materials that are no longer in use and use them to make art to show people. It is important because we get to help the school learn how to recycle. What I like about it, is that we get to learn more about recycling. This shows that P.S. 115 is a great school to attend because we recycle and we help the environment.”

Written by Aslyn, P.S. 115 student

“The Green Team cleans and uses old things to help make new things. They use them to make bins, signs, toys, and other things to use. It is important because it educates kids to become better. People like that it works with recycling art. It shows it is a great school because it works with kids who want to be better recyclers.” #betterforearth

Written by Jahlie, P.S. 115 student

“On the Green Team, I recycle paper, glass, plastic, and metal for my school. This is important because I can help keep our school safe and clean for everybody and the fish. This shows that my school cares about keeping the building safe and clean. Not every school has a Green Team.”

Written by Miguel, P.S. 115 student

Girls' Basketball

The girls basketball team holding their trophies with their coach

Our girls in fourth and fifth grade are able to participate in the intramural league. They compete against other schools in the area.

Student Share
“My topic is basketball. I will tell you why it’s important and how P.S. 115 is a good school to attend. This is important to me because I get to work together with my teammates. I also like it because it’s a sport to make me stronger. P.S. 115 is a good school to attend because we are respectful and we show our hardest work for our best.”

Written by Ederlyn, P.S. 115 student

“The topic is about the Girls Basketball Team. Basketball is important because you will learn more if you go to practice and you will be one of the best basketball players. What I like about basketball is that we get to practice on Tuesday and Wednesday. P.S. 115 is a great school because if you have trouble with anything, you will have an afterschool program and they will help you. Also, if you want to be in the basketball team you will need good grades and to do your homework.”

Written by Yanilis, P.S. 115 student

“In basketball, we learn basic moves. We have fun and use those moves in activities. We also learn sportsmanship and how to apply it in games. Another thing is we make friends from each school we go to. Basketball is important because it helps increase our health. Our basketball coaches help us practice our math and literature skills. P.S. 115 is a great school to attend because not only does it teach you math and more but it helps your health. It gives you an interest in a lifetime of physical fitness.”

Written by Vianny, P.S. 115 student